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Jonathan's big day!!

Well, I couldn't be more proud of my eldest son! He is quite the little smarty pants! He is 7 yrs. old and in second grade, but at conferences with his teacher she said that he is reading at a solid 4th grade level and is comprehending just as well. He has tested out of second grade in November!! So we discussed putting him in 3rd grade, but I was concerned about his social acceptance. So, his teacher and I compromised and decided we would put him into 3rd grade math a couple of times a week and see how well he does (though I think he may be going every day!!) And if he can do very well then after Christmas we will promote him to 3rd grade!! I am so happy for him.

Well, yesterday was his first day in 3rd grade math class. He was in his best friends sister's room, so he already knew someone which was a bit easier! He said it was harder than 2nd grade math (of course) but that he was able to finish 9 problems on the page. He came home with homework from both his 2nd and 3rd grad…


was nothing as we had expected! It was all last minute basically. We were supposed to go to my parents house on the east side of the state and spend Wednesday and Thursday with them, but with Evan and Mandie being sick we ended up calling them on Wednesday to say now Jon was sick (after I had been sick) so, we stayed home. Wednesday we cleaned the whole house and rearranged the living room so we could fit the tree in it. Then Thursday we watched the parade, set up and decorated the tree and then I went outside and decorated there too!! So, we got our house ready for Christmas and still had a good Thanksgiving dinner sick and all!! Very relaxing. Now lets hope Christmas (it will be here for the first time) goes just as smoothly!!

What a weekend

Well Friday, Evan was diagnosed with croup. So that is loads of fun. I was left to just sit and listen to my 4 yr. old whine like a baby all day!! That is until I left him with dad since I had to go to work!! Saturday he was still sick and I again had to work (relief for me) since it was a rough night. Between nightmares and sick kids, wow!!
Today, I again had to work most of the day, and am looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Only it is already filled with many errands and a list of housework to be completed!! What a day off I tell ya, the work is just never done!! I am thinking of keeping Evan home since he is still coughing, though not the croup cough so I may send him in. I am also thinking of putting up my Christmas lights outside and just not turn them on yet since it will be 60 degrees tomorrow in Western Michigan!! I am excited about that!! I can only sit here and think what tomorrow will bring.
We are coming up on the holidays and Thanksgiving will be spent with my side of …

What a crazy week!!

Well it is only Wednesday and I feel like I have been running non stop!! I worked Monday and Tuesday and had to be out of the house all day yesterday doing laundry and then working! So, today is clean up from the repercussions of not being home! It didn't help that my two boys didn't have school yesterday either. Then I get home yesterday to find that our furnace isn't working yet again; this is the 2nd time in only a week and a half. I have called the landlord and hopefully we will be able to have it fixed right this time around.

The good news though is that while I haven't been strict on potty training Mandie she has used the potty twice already!! I am so very excited to see her do it! She is turning into such a big girl! She was so very excited to know that she can do it too!

Today I will be taking the boys to see TMNT for the dove film festival and they are so very excited. So, hopefully all goes well with that trip today!

Things kids say...

As parents we all know that kids can say the darndest things at the most inconvient times!! But this morning was a topper of all I had heard my kids say!! Evan was playing TMNT on the computer this morning and I hear him say "I kick the a@s out of you turtle!" I was shocked, I asked him what he just said and sure enough he says it again!! I then asked him if he knows that he just said a bad word, and he shook his head yes!! What in the world are my children learning!!!? I explained to him it was a bad word that he is NEVER allowed to say again, and he said sorry, but he still lost 5 mins. of computer time this morning!!

Trying to wake up

I just can't seem to wake up this morning. I have to work later today, but have no big plans for the weekend. Probably will just take down the rest of the Halloween decorations, and start thinking about my Christmas display!! After all, only 52 days until Christmas!!! The kids have been great though so far not too many "I want's" yet. But I know there is still plenty of time for them to come!!

So, while trying to wake up this morning I found something interesting on my Myspace page. How many of you are out there? How many people in the US have your very same first and last name??? We all want to believe we are unique and that our name was special.... but in all reality, how many share it?? Well, here are my results:

HowManyOfMe.comThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.
How many have your name?

Nothing exciting...

Besides thinking Evan had to go to school on a Friday!! Nothing excited has happened today, I am still waiting to hear about an at home job that would work great for my family. I would be a SAHM and I never used to think that was for me, and now, I am so excited to have the possibility to stay at home with my kids!! I check my email everyday for the confirmation at least a dozen times it seems!! Things after Halloween have been fine and the kids had calmed down quite quickly.
I have Parent Teacher conferences coming up for both of the boys and am expecting good news about them both!! We will see!!!

The day after...

Well, Evan has decided that while eating his breakfast this morning, he didn't want to go Trick or Treating any more! I tell him well that is good since it is over with for the next year, and we need to get ready for Thanksgiving, he just doesn't seem to understand. So, I tell him this, well if you don't want to go Trick or Treating any more, can I have your candy!! Of course that got to him and he said no, but it was funny.

I have a lot to do today, but I am going to try to set this whole blog up today as well. My first one!! Let's see how well I can do!