What a crazy week!!

Well it is only Wednesday and I feel like I have been running non stop!! I worked Monday and Tuesday and had to be out of the house all day yesterday doing laundry and then working! So, today is clean up from the repercussions of not being home! It didn't help that my two boys didn't have school yesterday either. Then I get home yesterday to find that our furnace isn't working yet again; this is the 2nd time in only a week and a half. I have called the landlord and hopefully we will be able to have it fixed right this time around.

The good news though is that while I haven't been strict on potty training Mandie she has used the potty twice already!! I am so very excited to see her do it! She is turning into such a big girl! She was so very excited to know that she can do it too!

Today I will be taking the boys to see TMNT for the dove film festival and they are so very excited. So, hopefully all goes well with that trip today!


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