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National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

I was going to do an August recap for you all, maybe even an interview from Willow about how DC went and her first week back at school; but life happens sometimes. So I was not able to get those things done. Instead, I sit here, on the eve before National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month penning a blog entry to do this first day, of a very important month, justice.

I have been trying to think of how I want to share information this month, via blog, Facebook, Instagram. Ultimately, I am sure I will share some things on all three. Please know that this month was a month that 7 years ago I knew nothing about. So if you don't know a lot about what hydrocephalus is, that is okay. Stick around and learn something! If you have your own journey/story with it, please feel free to PM me, or send email, or comments with your stories. I would love to listen. IF for some reason, you think you know a lot, have heard it all over the years you have walked along with us, then please feel free to skip…