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More to come

So last week Willow had her follow up with the ENT for her tube removal surgery a few weeks ago.  I figured (or at least hoped) it would be a great check up, one with no new information or surprises.  Ugh, I should really know better by now.

It wasn't horrible information, but here is a recap of the surgery - everything went well, and it was indeed a quick surgery; just not as quick as he had hoped.  Apparently in the left ear, the one with the tube still in it, there was some skin growing behind the tube and into the middle ear space.  So he actually had to do more to the ear than he thought, and that included cutting away some of her ear drum.  :(    He was able to get all the skin, and that is good news.  Her right ear had the tube out about a year ago, and he still checked that ear and all was good there.  So that brings us to the follow up again.

At the appointment last week, he said that the ears seem to be healing okay, but that there is definitely some fluid back in both…

PHF Benefit Concert

Well, it was indeed a long weekend for the West family, and despite the long weekend the kids really did hold it all together quite well.  They all enjoyed the Teen Nation Benefit Concert that was in Detroit and held to benefit the PHF.  Jason did an amazing job of putting this together with his employer being an awesome sponsor of it (GM, UAW) and getting the word of hydrocephalus out to its employees.

The Teen Nation Tour has some great acts that they work with, and the kids are really incredible singers and do indeed have a vast array of musical styles.  Which is great since it would appeal to a larger crowd as well. So I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves in this post. I will say, Willow had a blast, and still talks about her 'rockers' (Rebelmann) and that she got to play their drums and cymbals after the show and that it was cool :)