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Willow's winter

Winter is definitely here in Michigan, and that means a couple of things. Colder temps, snow, and grumpy kids!  Willow loves to go outside and play in the snow, but her older siblings are just a little over it all. We did not raise a bunch of winter loving kids here! But she has gone outside none the less and enjoyed a snowball fight or two with her brother, and tried to build on a hill to go sledding down.  It was fun!  But then there is the flip side, where everyone gets sick and they are grumpy!

Willow fell ill on Christmas day that led us to go into the ER, turns out it was flu. Well, they gave her tamiflu and really within a week she was doing well again.  Fast forward to January 17th and we are back in the ER with her as she once again spiked a high fever!  MRI was done and all is well with her shunt (thank goodness), and so it seems it was round two of the flu, with a different strand.  Yes, I have been told it is totally possible (yet rare) to have the flu twice in one season…