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A New Year

It has become so hard to keep up with this blog when Willow is doing so very well. But I am realizing it is just as important to share her life when she is doing great as it is to share the days when she isn't. 

Her last surgery was March 2017. That means she has been surgery free for about 1 year and 10 months! That is an amazing thing to celebrate, yet we have not. We have stopped celebrating her 'shuntaversary' not because it isn't important to recognize, but because she doesn't want to be defined by the machine in her head, or the condition she has. So we honor her in that. Quietly thinking to ourselves how we have gone another day without an issue, in fact, we have gone almost two years!! 

My goal as her mother is to once a month, update her blog on all the wonderful things she has accomplished the month prior. So here you will see the December updates. Now, of course, if there are some not so great moments, I am going to be honest and share those as well. We ai…