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Holiday season of giving...

I am having a hard time lately with my Facebook feed, not technical difficulties, but the kind where the status' that are popping up either have given me much to think about, or have frustrated me to no end.  So I have been left to think a lot before I just post and speak.  Which is honestly a huge change for me, (just ask my husband he will tell you I have eaten my foot more times than I can count)!
Also a major thought provoking thing in my life is that I am part of a book club for the first time ever! I am both excited and nervous about this.  Excited because I get to read a book FOR me, not because I am being told over and over to 'read' (by my many children), but a book FOR me to help make a better me.  But I am about to digress here, so back to good ol' Facebook and its difficulties that I am facing.

I have seen a LOT of posts lately about how to help parents with chronically ill children either during the holidays, or while they are in the hospital (such as thi…