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The day's are getting longer

While my nights are getting shorter.  Ughhh sleep seems to elude me so much these days!  Willow is almost 14 months old and is still nursing!  Woohoo me and Willow, but also I miss my sleep.  I can honestly say I NEVER thought I would be nursing her this long, but while I sit here and long to have my sleep back, I am also happy to know that I have been able to give her so much comfort, nourishment and brain boosting power that I have while she has had a crazy 14 months.

Aside from that though, tonight's post is about Jonathan... my oldest, my blond of the family, my smarty pants know-it-all son... No, I have no idea where he gets it from either... (huge note of sarcasm here folks).  Anyway, so a month ago he went tubing the scouts, and he comes home and tells me that night he hit his head... so I look for a bump, don't find one, send him to bed.  Come to find out a week later he is still complaining of headaches, dizzy spells and blurry vision; so I take him in to the ER.  We…

A Willow update

So today Willow had a few appointments.. nothing major, but I have realized that she has had a few appointments recently and I have not done a great job of updating our friends and family (sorry things are crazy busy when we get to be 'normal' with no health issues!)

So last week she had an EEG done, well I called them on Tuesday and got the answer that no seizure activity was found, it came back normal during sleep and wake states, and that there was some background anomalies but those were to be expected due to her condition... Only I was getting this information on my voice mail as I missed the call, so I am not sure what they mean by that. But we have an appointment in July, and unless I see anything else or more seizures between now and then, I guess we will be happy and content with she is okay!

Today she had an appointment with her eye doctor to get the go ahead for tear duct surgery at the end of the month... Well, we got the go ahead to skip it!! :)   Woohoo!! Her tea…

A new month!

Well it is February now!  I really cannot believe that it is already February, especially since it seems like New Year's was just the other day.  So the plans for this month?

Well currently Willow is recovering nicely from her tubes being put in on Monday. Tomorrow she has an EEG scheduled to see if they can pick up any seizure activity.  I have not seen anything since last week in her therapy session, so that is good.  On the 8th, we go to the eye doc. to get clearance for her tear duct surgery scheduled at the end of this month. Willow also has physical therapy that day, and her follow up appointment with her neurosurgeon.  Busy day!

We also have a few things going on with Jonathan as well.  It appears that his scouting trip to Pando has caused him to have something called a Post Concussion Syndrome.  Basically he fell out of his tub, hit his head really hard, and is still suffering the consequences weeks later!  He fell Jan. 22nd, but still has headaches, blurred vision, dizzy…