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I am 5! (but not really yet...)

Okay, so we will just go through our day with some random pictures. :)

We celebrated Willow's birthday today, as celebrating on the 24th can be quite difficult when you would like friends to come over as well.
She is learning to blow out the candles after making a wish, but she used to tell the wish aloud. So in the second picture where she is looking off to the side, she is whispering her secret wish :) 

She loved all of her gifts, and spent the afternoon playing with each one of them. We painted the apron and hat, built puzzles, played with Shopkins, PonyPop toys, and combed Princess Celestia's hair/mane. At bedtime we read the new Pete the Cat book and colored in the new Inside Out coloring book. I don't believe there was a gift untouched today. Thank you for helping us celebrate our little Willow turning 5. Though if you ask her, she will tell you she is still 4 because her birthday isn't until the 24th, so she isn't 5 yet. :) Such a true blessing.