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February Update

Willow has had both an eventful, and yet quiet month. As I talked about in the last post, Willow started the month with seizure activity. We thought it was shunt failure, the ER doctor felt it was febrile seizure (after fast MRI showed no changes in her ventricles). We had seen the neurosurgeons office after a nuclear med study was done, and that came back clear. So, this last Thursday we set out for an EEG and a follow up with our neurologist.

Well, the EEG went well, she did all that she was asked to do, all while talking away to the tech. and asking all kinds of questions. It started late, so of course, finished late. We went straight from the EEG to our follow up appointment instead of an hour break between the two so that hopefully the PA whom we were meeting with would have had time to read some sort of results/report.

Instead, we got a pretty good check up with her; and honestly a lot more information than I have ever received from that office before! She explained to me that b…

What happened

In our house, Superbowl Sunday generally comes and goes without much fanfare. We are not sports fans by any means; but the kids and I will indeed sit down on this day and watch the game. Jonathan and I even pick teams as to who we think will win!

This year though, we had another little event happen during our game. Just as the half time show was about to start, I was talking to Willow one minute; go to speak to Jonathan and then a minute later, look back at Willow who was now unresponsive, slumped over, and when her eyes would open - the eyelids would flutter and you could see her eyeballs rolling to the back of her head. What the heck?!  
We have NEVER seen this happen to our little girl. 
I call the oncall pediatric nurse, by the time they call me back, Willow is now responsive, awake and well. I explain what happened and we had also taken her temp (101); so nothing high at all. The nurse says that since she is awake and alert and responsive now, to just watch her overnight, bring h…