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The holidays are approaching

Oh the joy of the holiday season! I am totally kicking myself in the rear for not putting up our lights and decorations this past weekend when it was 60 outside! Oh well, what fun is the holiday season if you can't put things up in the cold?!  Thanksgiving is only a week away and it seems crazy that it is already time to think about that, and of course Christmas, and birthdays!  I love this time of year as I love to bake the cookies and decorate candies and trim the tree... I just wish my family loved it as much as I do! 
So, it's been a few months since my last post, and I am sure you can all agree that we have been quite busy.  Orion has been adjusting to our home quite well, he is the perfectly chill 5th child our family needed.  He does not sleep through the night (though I really didn't expect him too), but loves to sleep most of the day!  He is holding his head quite well, and does not seem to mind tummy time as much as the others did.  He has the greatest 'sissy…