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Summer 2018

We are well into summer here at our home. It is a slightly different dynamic than in years past, but Willow is doing great!

Willow finished first grade and will be moving on up to second in the fall. She was in girl scouts this year and really enjoyed that. She did really, really well in school. I am going to make a slight brag on her academic success which I try not to do (often), but then I go back to when we were given her diagnosis (which we now know was wrong), but I go back to that first day sometimes just to put things into perspective.

We were told Willow had no brain. Nothing. Just a brain stem keeping her body functioning. The doctor said there was nothing he could do, and to enjoy the time we have with her. A few months later, another doctor looked at a second MRI and realized there was something off with the first diagnosis and we placed a shunt. Guess what?!  She had a brain!! But we still had no idea on what type of damage it had suffered.

Well, in Michigan, as I am sure…