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The first month

I can not believe that a month has gone by already. My baby is a month old! EEK! This last month has not been an easy one, granted I did not necessarily think that bringing home a fourth child would be a piece of cake, yet at the same time that has not been where the challenges have been.
Willow has been a joy in our lives. I personally have found a new sense of peace within her and myself. The delivery went so well, that I feel like it was the most natural thing that could have happened. She was meant to be born in the most natural way possible, and she is a nursing champ! I have not had the experience I am having with her with any of my other children and I almost wish that I had tried harder with them. She loves to nurse, and be in my arms (which can be quite tiring to be honest) and she is growing so well. At her 1 month check up she is now at 9 lbs. 5 oz, and 21.5" and her head circumference is 14.5"! She has almost outgrown her newborn clothes! Seeing as she ha…

The Year in Review

2010, what a year!
Jon spent the first part of it still unemployed while I was working at Victoria's Secret and going to school. In June I got a new job at Hansen-Balk. It is a steel treating plant and I work in the office as an administrative assistant. I was super excited about getting the job and being able to get out of retail, because in April, we found out we were expecting our 4th child! And here we thought we were done....
The boys turned another year older in the Spring and we had separate parties for each of them. They loved it. They finished the school year doing exceptionally well, and making mommy and daddy proud.
Summer came, and this pregnancy was kicking my butt. We tried to do things with the kids, but I could never do too much as I always felt sick or in pain. What a trial to go through! The kids were always telling us how bored they were, despite going out at least every other day to do something! At this point I was also still taking cla…