The first month

I can not believe that a month has gone by already. My baby is a month old! EEK! This last month has not been an easy one, granted I did not necessarily think that bringing home a fourth child would be a piece of cake, yet at the same time that has not been where the challenges have been.

Willow has been a joy in our lives. I personally have found a new sense of peace within her and myself. The delivery went so well, that I feel like it was the most natural thing that could have happened. She was meant to be born in the most natural way possible, and she is a nursing champ! I have not had the experience I am having with her with any of my other children and I almost wish that I had tried harder with them. She loves to nurse, and be in my arms (which can be quite tiring to be honest) and she is growing so well. At her 1 month check up she is now at 9 lbs. 5 oz, and 21.5" and her head circumference is 14.5"! She has almost outgrown her newborn clothes! Seeing as she had lost quite a bit of weight before leaving the hospital, she has gained back almost 2 lbs! I can not believe that.

Now, on to the challenges of bringing home our fourth child. My recovery. Granted it is my fourth and it has only been a month, but it has been the longest month of my life. It did not help that I was on bed rest prior to her birth either, I am sure. Yet my recovery is hard. I have had an infection that was fixed by one antibiotic (Keflex), then a week later found that I had a kidney stone (now on to another antibiotic (bactrim), and of course lets make sure you are resting! UGHHH I am tired of resting! Though I do love my afternoon naps.

How are the kids dealing with Willow? Well, they do love her I know that. Jonathan will occasionally want to hold her, and come and say how cute she is, but really I think him being 10 years older than her and him having gone through this twice before, he is not as enthused as the rest of us! Evan is beside himself with her. He loves to hold her, and help her when she is fussy, and helps me pick out her clothes in the morning (on a good day when we are not late) and just really loves this new little sister. You can tell he has a different dynamic with Willow than he ever has had with Mandie. Speaking of Mandie, she too loves her sister, but in a love/hate sort of sisterly way! Yes, I can already hear the arguments coming! There are times when I can not get to Willow quick enough and Mandie will say, "Mom, she is so annoying, can't you make her stop?!" And I really can not help but laugh.

So, all in all, the last month has brought some ups and downs. Nothing that we can not handle though. The year is moving forward and we are rolling with it.


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