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32 weeks, home stretch.....

The nurse says I am in the home stretch. I feel like I have been here for a while and do not want this to continue. My weight has gone down by a pound, and my blood pressure was 102/60. Willow's heartbeat was 150 bpm, which he said is good. We talked about the fact that I am once again feeling nauseated (I am not on my zofran as insurance will no longer cover it) so that has led me to eat and drink less. Hence the weight loss, muscle spasms in my leg at night and oh, the bladder infection. Yeah I am a basket full of exciting right now.
We decided not to check to see if I have dilated any further so as not to disturb anything. He said that since I have quite physically going to school, and am doing bare minimum at home (whatever that really means for a mom of 3) that we will just let things go and watch the contractions and push more fluids. I HAVE TO PUSH THE FLUIDS! I understand that, but when a person feels sick to their stomach most of the day, there is only so much f…

November 2, already?!

My how time does fly whether one is having fun or not. Well, this last week has been loads of fun, excitement, trips to ER, sugar rushes, decisions and well, life. Lets see where shall we begin?
Last Thursday evening (Oct. 30), I went into the ER with a feeling of more than just wetting myself.... Thankfully while I am not sure if all I did was pee my pants, or just produce more mucus I am not sure, but she is indeed still head down and I am dilated to 1 cm. Not a huge deal as I know that I can sit like that for a couple of months still, but the issue with how bad things hurt down there, I am not sure how long I will sit like this.
So, I take it easy Thursday and Friday, and wake up Saturday morning to Jonathan who is having a hard time breathing. If he were a person with asthma I would say it would have been an asthma attack, but he is not. So I worried of course. We took him downtown, and after a chest X-Ray coming back clear, it was told to us he has something called Pluerse…