32 weeks, home stretch.....

The nurse says I am in the home stretch. I feel like I have been here for a while and do not want this to continue. My weight has gone down by a pound, and my blood pressure was 102/60. Willow's heartbeat was 150 bpm, which he said is good. We talked about the fact that I am once again feeling nauseated (I am not on my zofran as insurance will no longer cover it) so that has led me to eat and drink less. Hence the weight loss, muscle spasms in my leg at night and oh, the bladder infection. Yeah I am a basket full of exciting right now.

We decided not to check to see if I have dilated any further so as not to disturb anything. He said that since I have quite physically going to school, and am doing bare minimum at home (whatever that really means for a mom of 3) that we will just let things go and watch the contractions and push more fluids. I HAVE TO PUSH THE FLUIDS! I understand that, but when a person feels sick to their stomach most of the day, there is only so much fluid drinking and eating one can do.

He also said I am measuring a bit on the larger side, I am a little over a week bigger than I should be now. But hey, I make big girls and small boys I told him. Mandie was almost 8 lbs when she was born, and she was 6 days early. The boys were 5 weeks early and 6 1/2 lbs. (so still good size for the early birth) but I told him not to be surprised if this girl was an 8 lb baby as well!!

I think that sums up our visit today. Other than that, life has been busy, I will try to catch that up tomorrow!


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