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More appointments

Last week Tuesday was a great day. We went to a friends house and swam in her pool much of the afternoon, Willow had a blast!  I knew the kids would all be exhausted too with so much pool time that day, but there was one thing I was not counting on.  Willow had a seizure during her nap.  It happened right at 5 pm when all the offices are closing (of course) and so the first call was to the ped's office. Their on call told me all seizure activity should result in a call to 911... Um, yeah thanks for that advice but no that is not what I have been told before. So I put a call to neurology... yeah after 2 hours, (and a call back to them) I finally hear back from the on call who says lets get an EEG done, and an appt. with the nurse practitioner (NP) right away. So, tomorrow will be here EEG, and next week we will go over the results with the NP. The on call neurologist said that if it happens again that night to take her straight to ER, but we were lucky and it didn't.  Now she d…

Patching again

So Willow had an eye appointment yesterday to check on how the glasses she is now wearing full time are helping her.  Well, the prescription is good for her, but her lazy eye is actually getting worse. We were told yesterday she has Amblyopia.  Now, that really is just a big word to mean 'lazy eye'; so not much new to that I suppose.  Yet the fact that it is not getting better leads us down a different path as well. If you check out this site here:
It will help you understand a little more.  

Basically we thought she had a lazy eye due to something called Strabismic amblyopia, which is "when the eyes are not straight. One eye may turn in, out, up or down. When this happens, the brain “turns off” the eye that is not straight and the vision subsequently drops in that eye."  So we just thought that her muscles were not working properly in that eye and that glasses or patching as we have done in the past would fix it.  But after ye…