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Embracing the New Year

Well, the last post was a bit lacking in photos... so lets see if I have this right and start you off with some great photos:

Our house decorated for Christmas:

Willow tasting snow for the first time ever! And yes she is in the house eating it as she was too sick to go outside and enjoy it.... So Jon brought it in the house with the 'winds of change' as he says...

Amanda at her first Griffin's Game... they lost that night. :(  
 The kids visiting Santa this year. Willow was not afraid of him either!
 Willow opening a birthday gift on the 24th, we always let them open a gift on their birthday if we don't do the celebration that day, and her gift was a kitchen! :)
 There is the kitchen in the background - the outfit she is wearing is also a birthday gift from her Aunt Becki she loves it :)
 Our Christmas tree after Santa came to visit - we had a lot of Santa helpers this year help us out and that has made us feel quite blessed. <3
Christmas morning, opening gifts:


Once again much time has passed since I have last written, and while that can be a sad thing; when it comes to Willow's story, it is a good thing.  It means we have been happily living life, without much fuss to her hydrocephalus!  
So the last post was written before Halloween even, which means pictures are a must for this blog post.  We had a blast trick or treating as we do every year.  Willow stayed in her stroller though the whole time, which honestly was fine as it was a wonderfully cold Michigan Halloween! She did learn to sign 'trick or treat' though in preparation of walking it, but instead only used that for the trunk or treating event we attended at Frontline Church.  
November came rather quickly and with it, a fury of events for our children!  Between scouts, school, robotics club, science club, work, etc.... Oh the list is never ending. Yet we embarked on Thanksgiving here at the house.  Just a small gathering really, it was our family unit of 6 plus my mothe…