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PHF Walk 2015

Oh there are so many things I would love to say about the walk. It was GREAT!  It went well, we had about 130 people walk. For a first time ever walk!! It was amazing!! We had a goal of $5000 and we have about $4900 raised!! That is also amazing :)  I am so proud of all my volunteers, of my family, my friends, everyone who came to help, who walked, who baked items for us, who donated, our sponsors, oh the list goes on.  I thank God for making this all possible.  It is truly amazing, how things work out in life.  That walk, that I was so scared to put on as I felt like it would not go well... I was so shown otherwise.  People do care, people do want to help, people do want to see a change happen and better treatment and one day a cure found.

I just want to repeat something - my first walk, brought in about 130 walkers, and almost $5000!  Just you wait until next year! It will be even more incredible. :)

Willow had a blast, the feedback I have gotten from the event seems to be well rec…