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Clearing my plate

We all have stuff on our plates, be it a health issue, job stress, family or financial stress - there is always something to fill our plates on a daily basis.  Sometimes, it is helpful to clear those plates and get a fresh start.  It is not always possible, but today I am going to clear my plate - hand it over and honestly just let go.

Willow was in the hospital last week, she suffered headaches every day that even alternating Tylenol and Motrin would not touch.  So Thursday she was playing outside in the evening with her siblings and fell down and hit her head.  It of course resulted in a goose egg on the forehead.  No big deal for a child without head injury, but for Willow it was better to just take her in to ER especially since she was already suffering.  So they admitted her.  Friday morning, her neurosurgeon shows up and says the CT and shunt series look good.  :)  But  her ventricles are tiny, very tiny and that truly isn't good (for numerous reasons), her lab work shows s…

Back to school??

Where do I even begin to start my story of how our last week has gone?!  It has definitely been a bit crazy and yet at the same time a bit mellowing as the older three returned to school.  
We spent Labor Day weekend here at home, we took it easy and just decided to enjoy the last few days, and hang out as a family.  We surprised the kids with a trip to Game Stop and allowed them to each pick a game (including Willow) as they had a great deal of buy 2 used items - get 1 free. Plus I had a coupon for the same deal that we could use, so it was great!
The older kids have adjusted to being back in school quite well actually.  We have a good little routine going on in the morning where I off set their wake up times in order to make for a smooth -yell free morning.  Oh is it ever wonderful!! Hopefully things will still go smoothly when little boy West gets here anytime now.  
Willow had a headache all last week, and so we had put a call in to her Neurosurgeons (NS) office just updating them…