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A perspective of time

Last night Willow asked me to sing to her, her 'night time lullaby's' (yes those are her words to me).  So I asked what songs would we sing tonight (we always sing 4), and they were: Frosty the snowman, Rock a bye Willow (rock a bye baby, but with Willow instead of baby), Dora the Explorer theme song and then we got stuck on the fourth.  So I pulled out Bruno Mars!  Yup, Bruno Mars, Just the way you are to be exact.  You see, when we got her diagnosis of hydrocephalus at the age of 2 1/2 months through her first surgery at 4 months old, this song was huge on the radio.  And well, it talks about how beautiful and amazing this girl that he loves is.  Well, guess what? I felt that my girl was beautiful and amazing just the way she was as well, and so I began to sing it to her.  Yeah I know, I can't sing as well as Jonathan, and Jon thinks I am tone deaf... But does a baby care?? NOPE!!  LOL

Anyway, I played it last night for her, and it was as we were listening and singin…

Willow's days at school & more

Willow LOVES head start, she really does. I am still getting used to this idea, that 4 days a week she is gone for a LONG time.  One would think that my house would be kept in this immaculate state, or that maybe I would turn into Betty Crocker and feed my family the best home cooked meals ever... Yeah, lets face it, I am neither of those types of people (except at holiday's and then Betty Crocker I become)!  I have the time, I just don't have the gumption to do such endeavors.  Maybe that will change one day, but for now it is winter and it sucks.

She talks up a storm now though, so the social interaction she is getting from going is great. She also loves to come home and pretend she is writing letters either to her name, or yesterday she tried to spell mommy (she did get very close and I think it was sheer luck), but she doesn't really get the writing thing just yet. It is still a lot of scribble with an occasional line or circle.  I will say that sadly, I am a horrible …

The Recap

Well, it has been a year for the West family.  Yesterday Jon asked me what I am most thankful for in the year 2013, and I said I wasn't sure.  Not because I didn't have anything to be thankful/appreciative for, but because I could not put a MOST in front of the things I was thankful/appreciative of.  Here is my list of things that took place in 2013 that I am quite proud of (and they appear in no particular order):

** Willow being a whole calendar year surgery free
** Orion's birth
** My family's health (mine included)
** Another year that Jon and I get to celebrate being together (14 year anniversary is in 6 more days)!
** Willow is an incredible big sister
** Willow is doing so freakin' well, that she is only behind in speech articulation (this from a girl who was told she had no brain)
** My work with the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation (PHF)
** My kids, and how great they are doing. Not only in school, but in life as well. Sure they have their bad days, don&…