A perspective of time

Last night Willow asked me to sing to her, her 'night time lullaby's' (yes those are her words to me).  So I asked what songs would we sing tonight (we always sing 4), and they were: Frosty the snowman, Rock a bye Willow (rock a bye baby, but with Willow instead of baby), Dora the Explorer theme song and then we got stuck on the fourth.  So I pulled out Bruno Mars!  Yup, Bruno Mars, Just the way you are to be exact.  You see, when we got her diagnosis of hydrocephalus at the age of 2 1/2 months through her first surgery at 4 months old, this song was huge on the radio.  And well, it talks about how beautiful and amazing this girl that he loves is.  Well, guess what? I felt that my girl was beautiful and amazing just the way she was as well, and so I began to sing it to her.  Yeah I know, I can't sing as well as Jonathan, and Jon thinks I am tone deaf... But does a baby care?? NOPE!!  LOL

Anyway, I played it last night for her, and it was as we were listening and singing along that I realized that Orion is 4 months and 11 days old as of today.  Well, when Willow was his age, she had endured her first brain surgery and was a week out from that (http://donnasdayasdaisy.blogspot.com/2011/05/week-after.html). It was really amazing to see how far Willow has come, and to look at Orion and know that while we have a few small things we need to work on with him (we may have therapy for him too), it is nothing compared to where Willow was at during this age.  So, it was just amazing to see how much my little ones have grown and the things we have going on here.


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