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Maternal Fetal Specialist

Today was the somewhat dreaded appointment, as I was truly afraid of being put on bed rest. I am not a good bed rest type of person (and for those of you who know me, duh comes to mind I'm sure).
My cervix is still long (4 cm they said) and I am still closed (not dilated), and despite my past history of pre-term labor, no known variables that would make him say it will happen this time. Though there is also no known reason for this happening, they can at least take the precaution of watching me to make sure all is well.
I had another ultrasound today, and it was confirmed by nurse and doctor that it is indeed a girl! She has all her fingers and toes, a good strong heartbeat (155 bpm today), and brain is growing as it should. No visible abnormalities to worry about (club feet, cleft lip etc.).
As of right now the doctor does not want to put me on any medicine (the usual that I have been on in the past is tributaline), he feels that so long as there are no changes to the cerv…

Stuff the bus with school supplies - GVNow - - Grand Valley State University


The week did not pan out as well as it was set for on Tuesday, but life is full of the up's and down's that make us stronger.
Jon was not able to get into CC this fall. Basically financial aid did not come through in enough time, and while some other colleges will hold classes until it does come through, they were not willing to do so. So despite all efforts to come up with the cash to pay for 1/2 down and sign up for the payment plan which would have held his classes and allowed him to go, it fell through by a bit. So, we decided that we will be patient and wait until Winter semester. I will not be going to school in January due to baby #4, so it will give him a chance to focus on school.
My appointment has been made with the specialist, for Tuesday at 2 pm. The nurse has already asked what type of restrictions I am on currently, and when I said I'm not really, (except for no lifting over 10 lbs, avoid excessive heat and rest) she was a bit surprised. So I am not…

Tuesday.... 21 weeks, 1 day

Well, I was on Facebook yesterday, wondering what Monday would bring, and it brought itself some interesting things. Jon is going back to school, and is heading to CC/Ferris State to earn his B.A.S in design and game animation. Well, that is not the new news per say, but he is registering for classes today. I found out my schedule for work is shortened and I will be working from 8:30-noon starting this Thursday. Well, that is actually kind of nice once I thought about it, since it will give me time to focus on me, my homework, my home, and preparing for baby #4.
Baby #4 has brought about its own interesting journey. 3 trips to a hospital, and a referral to an early labor specialist (still waiting to hear when my first appointment will be though). We have found out it is a girl, which of course makes Mandie a miss know it all, since she has been calling it Baby Anna since we told the kids! Save us now!! We are still working on names, but hey I have time, I am only 21 weeks alon…

Could it be any longer????

Wow, 3 years since I have posted on my blog! Good thing for other forms of communication or I would have probably had a missing persons report filed on me! Well, too much has been going on in the last 3 years to truly give a real sense of what its like here. But I can go from today (or at least the last month) and move forward, and try to make a worthwhile effort to blog more often.
I am pregnant with our 4th child. We found out last week it is a girl, and I am due Jan. 3. At this point we have a list of names a mile long, and probably not much hope of narrowing it down soon. My children are thrilled, Jonathan will be in 5th grade, Evan is going into 2nd, and Mandie starts kindergarten this year! All day, every day just like her brothers. So the house would have been quiet!! But alas, we have been blessed with another child, and definitely our last.

Jon will be going to school starting next week, to get his degree in video game design. I am still working on finishing my degr…