Maternal Fetal Specialist

Today was the somewhat dreaded appointment, as I was truly afraid of being put on bed rest. I am not a good bed rest type of person (and for those of you who know me, duh comes to mind I'm sure).

My cervix is still long (4 cm they said) and I am still closed (not dilated), and despite my past history of pre-term labor, no known variables that would make him say it will happen this time. Though there is also no known reason for this happening, they can at least take the precaution of watching me to make sure all is well.

I had another ultrasound today, and it was confirmed by nurse and doctor that it is indeed a girl! She has all her fingers and toes, a good strong heartbeat (155 bpm today), and brain is growing as it should. No visible abnormalities to worry about (club feet, cleft lip etc.).

As of right now the doctor does not want to put me on any medicine (the usual that I have been on in the past is tributaline), he feels that so long as there are no changes to the cervix, there is no reason to put me on meds. He did say to come back in two weeks where we will do another trans-vaginal ultrasound, and to drink 1 to 1 1/2 gallons of water!! Geez that is a lot! He feels that all is well in my health history as well as to not bring up any flags, so unless something changes, I am good to keep going!! Yeah!!

With all of that being said, I know I am a horribly busy person with many things on my plate, so if anyone knows that I am doing too much, please feel free to remind me to sit, or that it is okay if the house is not baby ready right now! LOL Tomorrow night is the children's Open House at school, and wow, are things crazy!!


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