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PHF day at Capitol Hill

Well, the West family is back from our vacation to DC.  There was so much planning, prepping, fundraising, packing, driving (LOL) that went into this trip.... but it was a huge success! :)  Alas, with every trip there are ups and downs and speed bumps that are meant to allow for a deeper look into what is going on.  So, I will try to share with you the whole trip, without boring you too much as well. :)

Wednesday was the day we set to leave, when I went to work that morning we still had a rather large to  do list as well.  Such as pack the food, grab the phone cords, get a wheel alignment.. You know the basics! Well the wheel alignment was the first of a few speed bumps given to us.  You see, there was more wrong with our car than just what I thought, so to make the details short... $200.00 later, and 4 hours after dropping it off we had our car again at 4 pm.  Well, I had hoped to leave no later than 3 that day, so now I was trying not to get on edge. We still had to load the van (th…

3 Days to DC!

The excitement is growing in the house (well it is with me at least!) The kids have their count down to when we leave, but I think they are almost slightly reserved about it until we are in the car and going - life has happened in this house on more than one occasion to where we have said we will go somewhere and then we can't.  So I can understand their hesitation, but I am here to tell the world that WE ARE GOING TO DC IN 3 DAYS!! :)

So, ultimately we are as of today only a couple hundred short of the bare minimum it was going to take to pay for gas and hotel to get there.  The closer to that amount we get, the more freedom we have to eat out, sight see and come home with a surprise or two for the kids and the less that comes out of our own pocketbook.  We feel so blessed in so many ways today as we realize how our friends and family have helped us reach our goal.

Aside from our own yard sale (which was rained on 2 days in a row), we had a friend do a yard sale and some of tho…