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Week 2

Fun at Aberdeen Splash pad

 Touch a truck at the Plainfield Library. She is sitting in a fire truck, the only vehicle she wanted to go in :)

First day of summer school

So I decided to run a summer school program of sorts this year for the kids.  I have also set a list of summer rules for our house and age appropriate chores that will need to be done daily (pick one from the list). Today was day 1.

Willow woke up and ate her breakfast and then was super excited to get started with her letter book.  She will be doing a letter a week (yes I know there are not 26 weeks in the summer, I will most likely double up letters when she is done learning things about 1) and if not doubling up, then will run it into the fall.  It's not a big deal really. So, she woke up super excited to learn about her first letter... "A"

 She did the coloring first of an apple I drew for her, (yes it is a blue apple, she is creating her own breed)! Then traced letters, and finally made an apple pie (which we can't wait to eat)

So day one went pretty well for Willow.  She is now showing Amanda a new game she got on the ipad to help with the alphabet :)