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2018 is here...

It is hard to believe, as it seems like yesterday we were holding a newborn! Now that little one is 7! We have celebrated a lot as fall has changed into winter. and we are now in the long grips of it.
She is having a great time in first grade, enjoying time with her friends, her amazing teacher and expressing herself in big ways.

In the fall, she went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch on fell asleep on the bus ride home, then had a seizure while sleeping. We watched her for a bit, and in November were given the all clear with her. You see, there was some big news we were waiting to get word on, and so many of you were praying for GREAT things to happen. Sorry for the delay, if you don't follow me on Facebook, but GREAT THINGS did indeed happen. Willow's spot inside her brain stem is completely gone! The doctor of course has no idea how that can happen, an anomaly if you will. But those of us who poured our heart, souls and tears into God, the Universe, the Higher Power, kno…