2018 is here...

It is hard to believe, as it seems like yesterday we were holding a newborn! Now that little one is 7! We have celebrated a lot as fall has changed into winter. and we are now in the long grips of it.
She is having a great time in first grade, enjoying time with her friends, her amazing teacher and expressing herself in big ways.

In the fall, she went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch on fell asleep on the bus ride home, then had a seizure while sleeping. We watched her for a bit, and in November were given the all clear with her. You see, there was some big news we were waiting to get word on, and so many of you were praying for GREAT things to happen. Sorry for the delay, if you don't follow me on Facebook, but GREAT THINGS did indeed happen. Willow's spot inside her brain stem is completely gone! The doctor of course has no idea how that can happen, an anomaly if you will. But those of us who poured our heart, souls and tears into God, the Universe, the Higher Power, know how it happened. Our little Willow does not have any form of tumor in her brain, and we could not be happier. That time in waiting was so daunting to us, and while we tried to live 'normal' lives; it was constantly weighing on our bodies and minds.

December came and with it, her birthday! She was hoping to reach 100 books sold on Amazon and have a huge celebration. While she did not reach that number, we did celebrate with a joint birthday party with her dear best friend. These girls have gotten so close since attending preschool together, and we mommy's couldn't be happier at the chance we get to watch them grow. It was a great party for these girls and their friends. Even if the cake did sort of fall over (oops, my fault)! It totally didn't ruin the girls spirits.
Christmas has also come and gone in December and it also was a magical time for Willow. A dear friend had the idea to bless Willow with a dream gift that she really wanted, and with the help of some other friends, made that dream a reality! Willow is now the proud owner of a Barbie Dream House! It is huge!! Takes up a good space in our living room now, but she is so happy and I feel so lucky to have surrounded our daughters life with some really great, loving, caring friends.

Now that the new year is here, we started it slow, and spent most days of break in our jammies. The first week back to school was a little rough, and getting up early was hard. We all made it, and are super excited at what this year may bring. Willow once again has huge dreams and goals, and well, I hope she gets to see them all come true. We are slowly making our way to 1 year surgery free. It will be nice to celebrate that when the time comes as well.

Until then, we wish you all a Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true as well.

I am a first grader!

Art Prize 2017 fun

Post Family Farms Field Trip

Nov. 2017 Turkey Trot Kids Run

Holiday Concert Night 2017

Willow and her Willow doll!

Happy Birthday cake for Willow & her friend!

Happy Birthday girls!! 7 years old!


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