A few Milestones

Willow has learned to roll over! At least from her tummy to back!  I am so thrilled for her and for Mandie who was trying to help her out! LOL   While at the hospital she also had found her feet, meaning she now knows that she has toes attached to her body!  For the last week and a half there, she has been so entertained by piggy toes! I know they are small things in a baby's life, but for Willow they were things we were not sure when she would be able to do; and for her to hit them close to a "normal" range is such a blessing. I want to once again thank all of our friends for their support, prayers, healing thoughts and energies that were all sent our way.  


Carielle said…
That's awesome!!! It's great that you were able to capture that on video :) Way to go Willow!!!!
Jodi said…
I knew it was only a matter of time. She was trying really hard in the hospital when I was with her.

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