Tuesday.... 21 weeks, 1 day

Well, I was on Facebook yesterday, wondering what Monday would bring, and it brought itself some interesting things. Jon is going back to school, and is heading to CC/Ferris State to earn his B.A.S in design and game animation. Well, that is not the new news per say, but he is registering for classes today. I found out my schedule for work is shortened and I will be working from 8:30-noon starting this Thursday. Well, that is actually kind of nice once I thought about it, since it will give me time to focus on me, my homework, my home, and preparing for baby #4.

Baby #4 has brought about its own interesting journey. 3 trips to a hospital, and a referral to an early labor specialist (still waiting to hear when my first appointment will be though). We have found out it is a girl, which of course makes Mandie a miss know it all, since she has been calling it Baby Anna since we told the kids! Save us now!! We are still working on names, but hey I have time, I am only 21 weeks along.

So, Jon and I will start school next week, and the kids will start the following week, it will be an amazing journey that will take us to Christmas Break which is when we figure baby #4 will be born. I am hoping and trying for a natural birth, meaning no drugs. I did it with Jonathan, and while I received the epidural for Evan, it only numbed my right leg, so it kind of counts. Mandie is the one that I did get the working Epidural for, meaning it was less painful. But I think with this Hypnobirthing book that I am reading now, it will really help, and I will not need meds for this child!!


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