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Willow LOVES head start, she really does. I am still getting used to this idea, that 4 days a week she is gone for a LONG time.  One would think that my house would be kept in this immaculate state, or that maybe I would turn into Betty Crocker and feed my family the best home cooked meals ever... Yeah, lets face it, I am neither of those types of people (except at holiday's and then Betty Crocker I become)!  I have the time, I just don't have the gumption to do such endeavors.  Maybe that will change one day, but for now it is winter and it sucks.

She talks up a storm now though, so the social interaction she is getting from going is great. She also loves to come home and pretend she is writing letters either to her name, or yesterday she tried to spell mommy (she did get very close and I think it was sheer luck), but she doesn't really get the writing thing just yet. It is still a lot of scribble with an occasional line or circle.  I will say that sadly, I am a horrible mom and have no pictures of her either on the bus or in class. :(  But I will get one soon, I promise, here is one of her passed out from a tough day at school though:

Life as a 3 year old can be rough :)

So, in other aspects of life, Orion turned 4 months old on Sunday (oh my word).  He has been rolling over from his back to belly on the right side only for a month now, he will babble and 'talk' to you but only when he is spoken to first (or as Jon says, he feels comfortable - LOL).  He is getting so BIG!  Already in 6 month old clothing.  It is so hard to believe.  He is 25" long, and 14.4 lbs.  So, long and lean as the pediatrician said yesterday.  He doesn't like to sit much and prefers belly time, so his reaching for things that he should start to be doing is not quite there; but I can help with that (I do remember all the therapy we did for Willow so I think I have a few things up my sleeve), and his right eye will occasionally go inward towards his nose. So we have a referral to the peds ophthalmologist that Willow see's for that to make sure there is nothing serious going on (I don't believe it will be anything at all). He LOVES to sleep on his belly now that he can roll over, and if you turn him back, you better be ready to hear him scream in dislike.

Evan saw the allergist yesterday as he is just not able to kick this out of him no matter what we try to give him at home.  Well, come to find out, there is a very good reason why he can't.  Poor boy is severely allergic to so many things that it doesn't matter what the season will be, outdoor or indoor, he will be miserable.  To the point that if these new meds don't work, he will be on allergy shots once a week. :(  I feel so bad for him.  He did the back test and found he is allergic to every known animal out there. And most are quite severe, not to the point of life or death, but to the point that we will most definitely be getting rid of our cat, and when we move, need to find hardwood floors preferably over carpet. Then we did the arm test as well, where we found out how severe his indoor/outdoor allergies would be, and those are all very high to severe reactions as well.  I was told that when we vacuum, he is not allowed to go back into the room for 3-4 hours!  When grass is mowed, he can't go outside for 1/2 an hour after it is done, and whoever mows the lawn must immediately change clothes and shower as to not spread those allergens everywhere...  It really is a lot to take in, and I feel so overwhelmed with it all.  It will be a lot of readjusting what we do and how we do it and who does what chores in the house so that he doesn't have horrible reactions while still doing family chores.

 So the picture on the left is showing how allergic he is to the animals, and the one on his arm is the outdoor/indoor allergens.

Not much to report on Amanda and Jonathan, thankfully. :)  Jon started school back up this last week, and I am doing my best to try and remember he needs extra time to do his homework uninterrupted.  I am sure he would appreciate if I would catch on to that a bit quicker than I am!

This is known as a Willow Angel (if you ask her)

                                        Spelling Bee
                                                                        After her MRI on 12/26


Meg said…
I had allergies like that when I was young and had to have the shots. They made a world of difference and it seemed like it didn't take that long. I got so I felt like a normal person! I hope the same happens with Evan and you can get things under control soon. I sure feel for him.

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