The day's are getting longer

While my nights are getting shorter.  Ughhh sleep seems to elude me so much these days!  Willow is almost 14 months old and is still nursing!  Woohoo me and Willow, but also I miss my sleep.  I can honestly say I NEVER thought I would be nursing her this long, but while I sit here and long to have my sleep back, I am also happy to know that I have been able to give her so much comfort, nourishment and brain boosting power that I have while she has had a crazy 14 months.

Aside from that though, tonight's post is about Jonathan... my oldest, my blond of the family, my smarty pants know-it-all son... No, I have no idea where he gets it from either... (huge note of sarcasm here folks).  Anyway, so a month ago he went tubing the scouts, and he comes home and tells me that night he hit his head... so I look for a bump, don't find one, send him to bed.  Come to find out a week later he is still complaining of headaches, dizzy spells and blurry vision; so I take him in to the ER.  Well he has something post concussion syndrome, and it could last months.  We finally got in to the Dr this last Thursday and this is the news for him:

He has to have physical therapy and occupational therapy twice a week for at least a month, and then a re evaluation to see how he is doing. He is also on muscle relaxants to help out with the spasms he is experiencing, AND has been put on physical activity restrictions.  Funny since most of his schooling is done outdoors this year. UGH!! Poor guy, I feel horrible thinking not much was wrong and that he was just whining again... but at least we are now working on getting him better.  So far his academics have not been affected, and I hope that trend continues but we shall see.

This week we will have his evaluations for therapy an eye exam and then go from there..Never a dull moment in the West household! :)

PS his science fair project night went well.  Dinner was interesting (a bit dramatic with a 6 yr. old girl), but all in all pleasant.


Jodi said…
You guys just can't get a break! Hopefully his evaluation comes back with good news!!!

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