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So last week Willow had her follow up with the ENT for her tube removal surgery a few weeks ago.  I figured (or at least hoped) it would be a great check up, one with no new information or surprises.  Ugh, I should really know better by now.

It wasn't horrible information, but here is a recap of the surgery - everything went well, and it was indeed a quick surgery; just not as quick as he had hoped.  Apparently in the left ear, the one with the tube still in it, there was some skin growing behind the tube and into the middle ear space.  So he actually had to do more to the ear than he thought, and that included cutting away some of her ear drum.  :(    He was able to get all the skin, and that is good news.  Her right ear had the tube out about a year ago, and he still checked that ear and all was good there.  So that brings us to the follow up again.

At the appointment last week, he said that the ears seem to be healing okay, but that there is definitely some fluid back in both of the ears. :(   He tested and did indeed find negative pressure in both ears.  He said that it appears we will need to place tubes back in Willow's ears, as for some reason her Eustachian tubes are not forming properly even with the intervention of the tubes, and so will need them in all the time.  The other part of that is we need to test Willow's hearing at the next appointment due to him cutting away part of the ear drum during surgery, it is a higher chance she will go deaf in the left ear.

So, not horrible news, but not the easy news we love to hear.

As for the rest of her week, she is doing well despite the crazy, stormy, Michigan spring weather we are having.  She actually seems to not be bothered by the rain anymore (such a great thing), she actually enjoyed watching the storms come in this morning!  Oh and something else I have forgotten to mention, we have found out recently she is allergic to bandaids/adhesive, as we had one on for about 2-3 days and when we removed it she had a red rash under it and around it.... So now we have to add to her allergy list - not life threatening, but something to be aware of. :)

Willow hopes all of her friends are enjoying the spring, and getting outside to play as much as possible :)

Bike ride at Uncle Mike's house

One of our many walks that we have been taking around the neighborhood


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