What a weekend

Well Friday, Evan was diagnosed with croup. So that is loads of fun. I was left to just sit and listen to my 4 yr. old whine like a baby all day!! That is until I left him with dad since I had to go to work!! Saturday he was still sick and I again had to work (relief for me) since it was a rough night. Between nightmares and sick kids, wow!!
Today, I again had to work most of the day, and am looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Only it is already filled with many errands and a list of housework to be completed!! What a day off I tell ya, the work is just never done!! I am thinking of keeping Evan home since he is still coughing, though not the croup cough so I may send him in. I am also thinking of putting up my Christmas lights outside and just not turn them on yet since it will be 60 degrees tomorrow in Western Michigan!! I am excited about that!! I can only sit here and think what tomorrow will bring.
We are coming up on the holidays and Thanksgiving will be spent with my side of the family on the east side of the state, while Christmas is at my house (which is why I am going all out on the decorations this year!!) I have also put some up inside the house already too!!!
It has been a very sleepless weekend, and I am looking forward to a cat nap tomorrow as well. Lets see how well that works!


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