Jonathan's big day!!

Well, I couldn't be more proud of my eldest son! He is quite the little smarty pants! He is 7 yrs. old and in second grade, but at conferences with his teacher she said that he is reading at a solid 4th grade level and is comprehending just as well. He has tested out of second grade in November!! So we discussed putting him in 3rd grade, but I was concerned about his social acceptance. So, his teacher and I compromised and decided we would put him into 3rd grade math a couple of times a week and see how well he does (though I think he may be going every day!!) And if he can do very well then after Christmas we will promote him to 3rd grade!! I am so happy for him.

Well, yesterday was his first day in 3rd grade math class. He was in his best friends sister's room, so he already knew someone which was a bit easier! He said it was harder than 2nd grade math (of course) but that he was able to finish 9 problems on the page. He came home with homework from both his 2nd and 3rd grade classes. And it was division that he was trying to do, so now I understand why he only finished 9 problems!! But, I told him today that I would go get some 3rd grade math books from a teacher store and it will help him catch up!!

I am so proud of how hard he is trying, he asked me this morning if being smart will get him into college for free! A 2nd grader already thinking about college, I love my Jonathan!


~Amber~ said…
Didn't know you had a blog!! Very cool! Awesome news about Jonathan!!
Jen said…
That is so awesome Donna!!! WTG Jonathan!!!

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