Things kids say...

As parents we all know that kids can say the darndest things at the most inconvient times!! But this morning was a topper of all I had heard my kids say!! Evan was playing TMNT on the computer this morning and I hear him say "I kick the a@s out of you turtle!" I was shocked, I asked him what he just said and sure enough he says it again!! I then asked him if he knows that he just said a bad word, and he shook his head yes!! What in the world are my children learning!!!? I explained to him it was a bad word that he is NEVER allowed to say again, and he said sorry, but he still lost 5 mins. of computer time this morning!!


Jen said…
{{HUGS}} I'm having an issue with Kevin right now too. I don't know why, but all of a sudden he is saying Oh Cr*p. I have a feeling he learned it from my dad. Grrrrr

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