The Rat Race....

The Rat Race - otherwise known as life - has kind of taken over this household once again, and I have allowed quite a bit of time to slip by without much updating to Willow's journey.  For that, I am sorry; but as I have said in the past when she is doing well, its hard to really sit down and share because it just seems so basic all of the things she is doing.  But then I have been doing a lot of thinking about just that as well, and even though she is doing so well, I want people to know her story. I want people to remember that she has hydrocephalus, and that every day with her is a blessing that we CANNOT and should not take for granted.

So, today starts Spring Break for the West children, and that includes Willow now that she has been in Head Start since January.  Speaking of head start, she has a bitter sweet relationship with that idea.  There are good days, that she is super excited to get ready for school, and run out to meet Mr. Merano (her bus driver), and there are other days where she drags her feet to get ready and very reluctantly gets on the bus and then there are the bad days. The days where no matter how excited I try to make this idea of school sound, its a no go.  She will have nothing to do with it, and just doesn't want to go.  Those days, I don't send her - you see, she is 3 years old, and has plenty of time where she will HAVE to be in school, but right now she doesn't. I don't feel the least bit guilty about it either, she knows what she can handle, and if she can't handle school that day, then that is okay by me.  This week though she had 2 days like that. One was a day where she decided to start her day at 4:30 in the morning; let me tell you how fun that day was! And then yesterday was quite rainy and dreary for an April spring day (I know April showers will bring May flowers, but we still have snow outside too folks)... So the rain still bothers her head and gives her quite the headache; she tried to tough it out yesterday but just couldn't control her emotions very well.  She fell asleep for quite the nap as soon as she could and took a nice long nap, but that still didn't help much, its a tough day on these rainy spring days.  

So overall, Willow is doing GREAT!  She is enjoying head start for the most part, LOVES being a big sister (or as she calls herself sissy), has had a great year thus far when it comes to her hydrocephalus. In fact we are looking at her being 2 years surgery free as of tomorrow!! It is truly amazing, because honestly there were many days we spent in the hospital where I would read blogs, and stories of others who have been surgery free for many years and didn't face the challenges as Willow had, and had longed for a time when we could see those days as well.  It is so nice to have those days - but here is the flip side to those days, I have many, many, many friends who have children who are not having these good days.  So, if you follow my blog and are in Michigan here are some upcoming events that the MI PHF is putting on, and I strongly ask that you go. LOL  

Detroit Tigers Game on April 19th (not sure if tickets are still available, check with Jason!!)

Teen Nation Tour concert May 3rd, 7 pm (tickets are available from either Jason or myself)

Plus there is always our main donation page, with Willow being surgery free 2 years tomorrow, I am asking that you all donate $2.00 in her honor.  It isn't much, but a lot of those $2.00 can add up to a lot.

So with all of that, I hope you all have a fantastic spring break, I know we will and I promise I will come back with a lot of stories to share! 


Meg said…
What a blessing to reach that 2 year mark! I hope this is just a start and she has many more.

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