Prayers and well wishes

Willow had a tiny incident yesterday, but seems to be doing well today.  She took a couple little falls yesterday that honestly seemed insignificant at the time.  But not more than an hour after these two slips, she had 3 absence seizures.  So, I kept her home from school to keep an eye on her.  After lunch she took a bath, walked to my room and then laid down on my bed so I could help dress her. Only she then seems to be looking past me, only with a blank look and says, 'mommy I no see you'... she said that twice.  :(

So, I definitely was on high alert with her, but she seems great today.  Which is good. But she has also experienced a lot of crossing of the eyes.  So all of this kind of tells us it is possible there is an increase in pressure in her head.  I am watching her, though I am going to send her to school today as she seems to be doing well.

But she also has a small procedure set for tomorrow morning.  She will be getting one of her tubes removed as it has not fallen out on its own and its been in for 2 years.  So we are going to have it removed, but she will be under sedation for this, so there are always risks.

Basically if you could all just keep her in your thoughts, prayers, well wishes we would appreciate it.


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