A great thing....

So the other day a friend had posted on a board I belong to on Facebook about this group called 'I run for Michael'.  Well, the idea behind it is that it pairs runners up with people who may not be as mobile, or able to get active as the runners.  So I signed Willow up for it.  I know she can run (and boy does she ever try!), but not every child with hydrocephalus is as lucky as Willow.  Well, we didn't have to wait very long for a match to be made for her.  Her runner's name is Tiffanie, and they got paired up tonight.  It is so awesome to know that someone who doesn't personally know Willow will follow her story, run for her, think about her and pray for her.  She now has a long distance friend, and I can't wait to help Willow learn more about her, and her about Willow :)

If you are a runner, and in need of some motivation at times, or looking for a reason to run besides to run - you should check it out:

It is an amazing feeling :)  I personally can't wait to sign up after this little guy is born, and while I don't really run yet - to be able to work towards it and have someone else cheering me on seems like a good reason to do so :)


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