Well I'll be....

You know how people like to say that your life will completely change when you have children?  Yeah well they aren't lying! I love my life, I do - and while I wish there were a few things different about it; there is a lot that I love.  And even with the things that I wish were different, they are in my ability to do so - but at what expense???  And really that has nothing to do with my update that I was going to share... sorry for the train detour.

Anyway, a life change with kids... My life did change after Jonathan, and I would like to think it was for the better; but who really knows.  After your second child you become a little more laid back, or at least that is what 'they say' will happen.  By the third kid you just don't care anymore! Well, I am not sure that is true, I know by my third kid we had a lot going on at that time raising a kindergartner and a toddler!  But then came Willow.... A surprise in my stocking you could say.  Willow has kept me on my toes and has flipped my life and that of our family upside down, shaken it up like a martini and has yet to flip it right side for you to taste it.   Just when you think you have things, things like a daily order back on track, or a plan on how to attack the school year, or how to arrange a work schedule between two working parents - she throws a curve ball. And this time, I am doing my best to take them with less stress, less yelling, less anger and just letting it go.  It is not in my control anyway.

So what's the point of all this rambling you are wondering?? Yesterday I came home from work to find Willow fast asleep in her high chair.  Now I know that can be normal for any kid out there - but you see Willow does not like to sit in her high chair for any length of time, if she is done with her meal (whether you think she should be or not) she will toss it all to the floor, kick - stretch - holler - do whatever she can to make it known that she wants out of that chair. But not yesterday, no she fell asleep.  So I called her neurosurgeons office quite worried and wondering when they were going to schedule the tests for.  But they told me to take her to the ped's office. So we go to find out that she has an ear infection again, or still.  I guess it doesn't matter how you look at it, it is still there and now we are on a second antibiotic for it. :(

Well prior to the appointment she fell off our piano bench.  I didn't think too much of it, but later that night, it was swollen and we noticed she would not put weight on it.  She was doing this tiny baby shuffle/limp thing, and well I felt bad for her.  So I take her to the med center today and find out she has a broken foot!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  So my poor Willow who already has enough going on with upcoming tests and balance issues with shunts and low muscle tone still now has a broken foot.  Uggghhhh, and yet I can't help but laugh and see that she is following in big sister's footsteps as Mandie was 3 when she fractured her ankle; so you see Willow was just getting a jump start on the whole process... LOL   

Anyway, yeah life changes when you have kids - sometimes you get to control the changes to a point, other times, the changes come along so that they can change you in a such a way that you never knew you needed.   Either way, I wouldn't change it for the world. :)

Those are just some random shots, you may have already seen, but its a way that our life has changed. :)


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