Summer vacation

Well folks, once again we are upon that time of year where all of our children are home from school, and when they wake up on Monday they won't have to go to school as its time for VACATION!! My kids are thrilled to put it lightly.  Willow though may not be as happy.  I know she loves her siblings and loves to interact with them but there are more times than not that they get to be too active for her, or too loud, or too obnoxious; oh the list could go on and on!  But really we need to set something up so that she can still get a nap in during the day and still be a happy little girl! :)

Another change this summer is apparently my work hours.  I will now work on Friday's from noon until 8 pm. :(  I am not happy about that but what are you going to do?!  It seems a lot of the girls are complaining and my boss feels that because I have 4 kids I don't go anywhere on Friday nights so that I can work it and the single girls can go out. :/  Oh well, it is a few more hours of work for me a week, so that means maybe I can get my hair cut!! LOL

In other news, the Michigan PHF had its first fundraiser last night at Chuck E. Cheese in Grand Rapids (okay, so I did my first fundraiser)... Well, I got to talk to a few people which is wonderful, and the nice surprise to the evening was Jon's uncle writing a sizable check to the foundation!  I was in shock!  So that had me in tears for sure.

Jonathan home from camp

Peek a boo we see you! :) 

Best hug ever! :)  Melts my heart

A trip to Craig's Cruisers to celebrate a belated birthday

Waiting for the bumper boats

Welcome to our first fundraiser! :) 

A table of goodies

Willow and her daddy :) 

So for now we will start our summer vacation on a note of change and see how it goes! :)  I can't wait to see what is in store next. :)


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