It's a beautiful day....

Willow is now 17 months and 2 days old and did the most amazing thing this morning......

She fed herself cereal with a spoon!! :)   I am in tears over this.  It was one of those small, not really important things that I was noticing she just could not get a handle on; while I never made a big deal of it, or even make her tried at every meal, it was something we did try at least once a day (she generally got frustrated with it pretty quickly and would throw the spoon).  For some odd reason this morning, I put her cereal in her bowl and looked at her and said, "do you want a spoon?" She shakes her head yes, so I grab her a spoon and give it to her.... After a few tries and me not really paying attention (I was eating my breakfast at the time), I look over to find her actually getting the food into her mouth while using the spoon.  I watched her do this for a few more times and then shouted to Willow "You did it!"   She was all smiles.

I do not have a picture to share with you of her great morning accomplishment, but good day to all of our friends and family who love to share in the warmth of Willow.     :)

Here is another one though, of some crazy, wacky Willow hair!


Jodi said…
Yay Willow!!! Love your crazy hair girl!!!
Colleen said…
I have tears of joy in my eyes. What a wonderful day for you and Willow. She is on the path to increasing independence ... Go Willow ... Go Willow ... Go Willow.

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