Merry Christmas!

So this time last year... hmm I was laying in a hospital bed probably updating with Willow's birth stats as she was born the 24th!
This year.... Well we only spent about an hour and a half maybe 2 hours tops in the ER at Helen DeVos last night.  I had called the ped. since Willow spiked a fever after Christmas Eve Service of 101.1, which for most kids is nothing at all, but for Willow we have to call if it reaches 100.4. So, with the fever she also had a green nose, congestion at times, and a really bad green discharge from her eyes.  Well, the doctor asked all kinds of questions and really decided it was an upper respiratory infection and not related to the shunt.  So gave her some Tylenol, a prescription for an antibiotic eye cream and discharge papers!! Merry Christmas to us, we get to go home! :)

We get home and we lay Willow down in bed, but she wakes up and decides she wants to play Santa with us. Then Jon is putting out a couple of gifts and he almost got caught by Amanda!  I go in to check on her and her eyes are huge and she has her hands covering her mouth :)   I told her she had to get to bed before Santa decides he can't be here because she is awake and she starts to cry. :(   Poor girl, I didn't mean to make her cry, but she said she thought she already caught Santa and she hoped that she didn't spoil Christmas for everyone else, she was just "really, really, really, really, really hungry". I could not help but laugh!  I told her just to roll over, go back to sleep.  She did within 15 minutes! So the Santa work finished and finally around 2 am Jon and I were able to go to sleep.

Our Christmas was very blessed.  First of all, we are all home!  Second we have each other, and did I mention we are all at HOME!  Well, we also got an early birthday/Christmas present from Willow.  She took her first steps on Wednesday evening!  I did not get that on film, it was totally unexpected, but what a gift!  Our little girl, who has gone through so much in her short little life.  Was predicted to have global delays (though we weren't sure how bad or how affected) and is instead, being discharged from OT this week, PT will start to see her once every other week as of next week, and she took her first unassisted steps this week.  Way to go Willow!  :)  I can say that yes we are quite blessed.

The kids had a wonderful holiday as well.  Their grandma and uncle and cousin came over for dinner. Boy do the kids love to play with their cousin! :)  The house got a bit disruptive once she got here, which is not always great when Jon had to work today on the phones... :/   Oh well it all worked out.  Oh and the cool thing, I made Christmas dinner!!  I did it, the turkey, stuffing, potatoes (mashed and baked), salad, cranberry sauce, baked beans, rolls, mixed veggies, corn, peas, oh I am sure there is something else, but you get the idea!! I made it all, and boy did it feel so nice to be able to do that. :)    I am not sure I have ever made the whole thing from start to finish before.  If I have, I do not recall it feeling so wonderful.

Well, I hope everyone else has had a wonderful holiday season.  There are many blessings around if one just stops to appreciate the little things.  :)

The boys checking out their gifts:

The girls looking at Amanda's:

Willow getting into one of her own gifts:

And I was able to get this on video this morning:

Merry Christmas everyone!


Jodi said…
Sounds like a great day! So glad you didn't have to get admitted!
Meg said…
What a wonderful Christmas! You have been so blessed with Willow - she is such a special and determined child. I'm looking forward to what her second year will bring!

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