3 months today

Yup, we have been home now for 3 months! Life has begun to have some sense of normalcy again; especially with all of the other kids school events and scouts and such.  Oh my word are we busy!!  But Friday was a bit of a struggle for me as I began to get phone calls to make a few appointments.  I kind of forgot that her neurosurgeon wanted an MRI done this month, and Friday I got a postcard from his office stating we need to make an appointment... Hmmm what for???

Well, we have the MRI scheduled for Nov. 4th, and Willow will have to be sedated for it.  That really scares me!  Yes, she has come out of everything else just fine, but it only takes one time really for anything to happen and so many of us adults know and understand that.  Before we can do the MRI though we have to see her pediatrician so that she can be cleared for this upcoming sedation... hmmm, sounds even better really.  (note sarcasm)

Tomorrow she will be going back to the pediatric opthomologist, so we will see how her amblyopia is doing (her lazy eye), and see if she will be needing glasses. Then she has an appt. with the neuro-developmental specialist next week.  I am not too worried about that appointment, and really I guess I am not really worried about any of her appointments, it was just a moment of my stomach dropping when they said MRI... I know that this is going to be her 'normal' and I hope that I eventually get used to it, but until then, I take pleasure in our 3 months.

Speaking of 3 months, I have a friend who has not had the pleasure of having their son home for 3 months.  Colton is still in the hosptial. :(  As of today's update, he has been found to have fluid in his lungs yesterday through a chest x-ray, and the doctors are thinking of putting in a trach...  First they are going to do an MRI before they make the decision on the trach.  He has not yet opened his eyes and they have been told that he will never be interactive again... Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through our daily lives.  Living in a hospital is no fun at all.

For now, I will leave you with a few pictures.. well maybe just one.. I need to upload a bunch. I guess I will do that now!! LOL


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