What's in a day...

24 hours...1440 minutes...86,400 seconds. No matter how you say it, we always feel there is never enough time.  

     Well, I am not sure what this day will hold for us, we are all hoping it holds a discharge from the hospital but she is not exactly, completely herself this morning.  She woke up just fine, then I nursed her and she began to get fussy, like she was in pain fussy not just gassy. We have to wait to see Dr. Foody this morning and I believe she is due for an antibiotic around noon or 1 so I know it won't be before that if we do get to go.  I have seen that the day also holds the beginning of a summer heat wave! What a week to be going home, LOL.  Yet, that does not matter to me, it just means trips to the pool or lake shore are in store for us. Or if it really is too much for little Willow, then we just chill in our AC room! Either way we will make it through.

     So, you all are probably wondering how did surgery and the last 2 days go.  Well, they came and went, and swept our emotions, strength and thoughts with it.  Surgery days, no matter how many times one goes through it emotionally, are still horribly hard.  The team here was great with her though, they said she was scheduled at 7:30 am and sure enough by 7:20 they were here to take her downstairs.  Anesthesia was here first asking all the typical questions, did she have any reactions after the last surgery, any allergies,etc.  No reaction and no allergies, "Okay, Let's go!" So we take the trip downstairs, where we meet with Dr. Foody (who by the way needed to drink some espresso before surgery as you could tell he was not awake yet!)  So, he fills out the consent form and then goes over to Willow to make the "X" on her head as to what side he will be operating on, only he put the "X" on the wrong side... Yeah that was why I said he needed espresso!  So we get that fixed, fix it on the consent form and then I sign it.  Give her one last kiss and off to the waiting room I go.
Within 15 minutes the screen where we keep "track" of her, says she is in surgery already! That was quick, almost too quick. It made me feel like they have the routine down with her all too well.
    After an hour or so, Dr. Foody comes out, and gives us the normal "No known complications" story, which is great to hear.  The peds. surgeons were still finishing up on her belly, so it would still be just a bit.  After another hour or so, they finally come and tell us that one of us (we can only go back one at a time when we have the other kids with us) can go back to see her, and the rest of us can go back up to the room as she will be on her way!  Hurrah! I let Jon go back with her, since he missed seeing her prior to surgery (little bit late); as I take the kids with me and we go back upstairs to ICU room 811.  We stayed in ICU this time after surgery only because the hospital is full! Yup, every room on the normal peds floor is taken, so they let us keep this room.
     It was about 3 or 4 o'clock before she even opens her eyes enough to even think I can nurse her, so I scoop her up carefully and she nurses like a champ still!  She slept again for quite a few hours before waking up for a second nursing.  Coming out from her anesthesia  is getting harder each time.  I remember (though I did not look it up) it took until the next day before she was really "herself" again.  Yeah same thing this time.  It was around 3 or 4 pm the day after surgery before she gave a smile, and showed us that she was still here with us.  All of her arms and legs, fingers and toes still move how they should and the best part... her eyes still sparkle!  Yes, she came out of it alright.  It just once again took a while.
     While she slept of the affects of her surgery, I had the chance to go home for lunch and dinner that day! It was amazing.  Knowing that after surgery she would not wake up at all until at the earliest was 2 pm, I told the nurse I was heading home.  So I had pizza at home with the kids, and my first shower in the house in 2 weeks! (Don't worry I do still shower, just here at the hospital).  Then made it back for the nursing, and then a good friend of ours, her parents came over to visit with Willow so I could go home and have some time with family.  I got home and did something silly... I unplugged the coffee maker, now that may seem a bit odd, but that is the clock I live off of, so by turning it off, it was huge, I did not worry about Willow, or time... I just spent the evening with my kids and husband!  It felt great!  I made ravioli and tortellini with garlic bread.  It was so wonderful!
   So what is in a day, well it is whatever you make of that day.  Yup, every day can be filled with stress, loss, heartache, sadness, happiness, fun etc.  You are in charge of those 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds, so please make the best out of all of them!   :)


Chel said…
I love this post. Well said.
Jodi said…
Still so amazed at how you handle all of this! Hopefully you are home by now, and we can start planning some fun outings!!! Hugs!

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