Number 8

Tomorrow is her eighth surgery in 11 weeks.  I am... Yup, I just am.

Today was a bit of a gift though.  Jon said he would come and visit me and well after I was beginning to think he would not show up as it was getting later in the morning and I knew he had some training work to do at 2, he did indeed make it! He came bearing gifts of BLT sandwiches and Pringles. I have to say I was so excited to have "real food" :)   A simple BLT sandwich was so nice today after a rough weekend.  So, he was only able to stay for about 10 minutes though, and started to gather the children, but I asked if they wanted to stay with me as the latest he would be working was 4, and I figured the kids could sit with me for a few hours and behave... He was not so sure of our children though, and offered many a times in the last 5 minutes prior to leaving them coming back with him. Yet they all chose to stay with me! :)   It made my day to be able to spend some time with the kids; we played rummy, and asked silly math questions for a math trivia game Jonathan has, I let them all play on the computer for about 40 minutes and they actually were cooperative about that.  We watched a bit of Alice in Wonderland (with Johnny Depp).  Yet I think the best part of our day together was once Willow fell asleep, we chose to escape!  We walked from the hospital to McDonalds and the kids had a blast doing so! Not one complaint, instead it was just many questions of where are we going? What are we doing? You see I chose not to tell them it was a trip there for some ice cream, but once there they were so excited and felt it was worth the trip! LOL  We sat at McDonalds outside playing with a pine cone and trying to decide if it is a living object or not, and enjoyed the sunshine.  Then it was the walk back to the hospital, where Evan found a large very cool looking spider web on the side of the building.  I wish I had decided to take a picture of it as much as I hate spiders it was a great web.

So, tomorrow morning bright and early, Willow will have surgery.  She is scheduled for 7:30, so she is first on the docket.  That is a wonderful thing about Dr. Foody is that somehow he always gets Willow in first thing in the morning.  It will be a rough night, but I am sure we will get through it just fine... We have on many other occasions anyway. Dr. Foody also said that it may be possible that our discharge could come as early as Friday! That would be wonderful if it did, but I am planning on a Saturday discharge due to what Infectious Diseases had said about 14 days on the antibiotics.  Obviously we are hoping that this will be the end of her round of surgeries as we have with each one prior to it.  After all, every time she has a surgery they are drilling a hole in the skull and placing a tube into her brain... Anything can happen.

On a lighter and brighter note, I got a pretty package in the mail, my pictures that Christy (  had taken of the kids came in! I was so very excited opening it up, just like a little kid at their birthday. LOL   They turned out so beautiful, and to think I was not sure how well my kids would do with it!! I have to say (though I am a bit partial) I have a great bunch of kids.

And in case you were wondering what type of Math trivia questions we were asking each other, here is one for you to ponder:

If you have 1000 pennies, 1000 nickels, 1000 dimes, 1000 quarters, and 1000 half dollars, then how much do you have altogether?  Now no cheating and using a calculator after all we did not have one available to us at that moment we just had to do the math in our heads! LOL  I will share the answer in tomorrow's post!


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