Changing things up!

I decided to change things up a bit with my background and I then went so far as to change the name! I decided that while this blog is a lot of information about Willow (hence Willow's Wishes) it is also about the family, and maybe even Willow's wishes for the family!  LOL  But while it was about my day, it is also about our family's journey through this new life we have Willow.  After all there are many changes taking place in our family this year, aside from all that is happening with Willow...

Have I mentioned that Jonathan will be starting the 6th grade this fall?!  I truly feel that is crazy! Evan will be in 3rd grade and Mandie, my little Ms. Sassy Pants, will be in 1st grade!  I truly cannot believe how big these kids are getting.  They had their well child visits today, but since Jon took them and I did not, I do not currently have their stats, but I am sure they are bigger than last year! :)
Their summer has been a bit chaotic with Willow in and out of the hospital, and I feel so sad for them.  We had big plans, and no plans at the same time.  The boys will at least still get to go to camp, Jonathan goes for one week at the end of this month to Boy Scout camp and Evan leaves Aug. 4,5,& 6th for Cub Scout camp! I cannot believe that they will be gone without us, what will we do?!

Jon is still taking classes this semester at GRCC, he did a total of 3 covering the Spring/Summer semester, and then will be taking 3 this fall as well. It looks like he is on track for applying to Ferris for the winter semester!  But we will probably have him check with a counselor first before just to make sure.  For the winter semester, I know he had made Dean's List, and after his "A" and then "B" from Spring semester, he is currently carrying a 3.4 GPA, looks like he is on track to doing well in his current class and making Dean's List again this term as well! I am so proud of him as I know that school is not his thing and he is still quite nervous about it, but I am so proud of him and all that he is accomplishing thus far!

On to Willow... well we are obviously still in the hospital!  She is doing well, they are keeping her on the antibiotics for a total of 14 days, which will be done on the 16th of July.  Our neuro-surgeon comes back next week Monday, which is 9th day of antibiotic treatment and the infectious diseases doctor told me yesterday that he has no problem having the shunt internalized on day 10!! So we would still be here a week after surgery, but no longer on Peds ICU... Either way, we will not be going home before the 16th!  There was a surprise in today, I fed her peas! I decided to give it a go, and as soon as I can add a picture (I have bad reception back in this room) then I will, but let me just say she loves her peas! LOL  It will not be an all the time thing, but I thought trying it out once wouldn't hurt her!
I don't believe I updated things after her visit with the neuro-developmental specialist, I will have to go back and check into that.. but I will save that for tomorrow..

For now, I must rest as I have to work tomorrow morning!


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