One Proud Mama

So, I was a nice mom and took my kids to the school Chuck E. Cheese night.  But that is not anything that made me proud (though Mandie did get along so well with her best friends!)  When we got home, I fed the kids (they refused to eat while there for some strange reason); and then while they were doing bath/reading/quiet time, I went through their backpacks and found not one, not two, but three notes (one for each child) that they earned enough Palmer Paws (meaning they showed great character traits) and were able to go to the Palmer Paw celebration!  Now, Jonathan has made every one I believe for a while, he is a good kid.  Evan is a good boy as well, but he is quiet at school and so it goes unnoticed.  Mandie is loud and I am shocked she earned her paws!  But they all get to go!

I could not be more proud of my children.  I am glad I took them out tonight, they earned it and I did not even know it yet! LOL


Matthew said…
I wish Samuel was as good of a kid. We just had to tell the school that he was not allowed to get any food from the cafeteria because he has been lying to us about getting lunch when he was not supposed to. He has been doing some variation of this since he was in kindergarten. So frustrating...

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