It's still morning here

Well, she woke up and now I must keep her awake and not feed her again until we get to the hospital.  I am already a nervous wreck and I think now its not because of what we will find out, but instead, will today work? We are doing a feed and sleep MRI, basically I can not feed her 2 hours prior (minimum) before the scan, and I must keep her awake so that she can arrive very hungry and very tired.  What we want is that she will nurse and then sleep through the MRI.

I am hoping and praying on all things available that today works.  If it does not, we must wait until she is older and sedate her (meaning a scan next month).  I can not wait that long, and I am not sure if she can either.  They say it isn't an emergency, but really???

We have to arrive at the hospital at 1:45, so I am guessing the scan is either set for 2 or 2:30 today.  My kids school knows that I may be a few minutes late picking them up depending on how long this all takes since it is a 1/2 hour long scan.  I can not get rid of all the what if's today, and I have to in order to keep focus!

Just keep us in your thoughts!


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