Mandie's Birthday Party

So, today was all about Mandie's party! The preparation, the party itself and then of course the tear down. For a two hour party, it seems to be an all day event.... But it is now over!! I know such a mom thing to say, but honestly being 6 months pregnant and putting together a party is hard work. I will say though, that I did have quite a bit of help from family. Jon did a lot of cleaning and helped his sis with the decorating. I did the baking/cooking for it. Then for today did the last minute decorating, and balloon shopping for the big day!! All in all, our Halloween themed party went well. Mandie had loads of fun, with a dance party, piƱata, and of course cake and ice cream!! Seeing her play with her friends from school and family was a great thing. I just need to remember to stop stressing out about all the little things that go into all this party work, after all the kids will have fun!! LOL

Here are a few pics:

She is creating her own dance party! :)

They were all making candy necklaces


Matthew said…
I'm sorry I missed it. Please wish Mandie a Happy Birthday from Uncle Matt
Donna said…
We missed being able to have you as well Matt! I did tell her though, and she got a big smile on her face! She is quite the child now that she is in school.

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